Our Technology

Filament Health’s wholly owned subsidiary Psilo Scientific Ltd. operates one of the first GMP facilities in the world to also have a Health Canada Dealer’s License. At Psilo Scientific, we propagate psychedelic plants, conduct genetic research, perform extraction procedures, run in-house trials, and distribute IP and drug candidates. Our research program intends to include all controlled natural psychedelics including DMT, harmaline, mescaline, and more.

Psilo Scientific’s GMP Facility with Health Canada Dealer’s License

These certifications enable Psilo Scientific to supply in-house trials, and distribute IP and drug candidates to drug developers, researchers, and other licensed parties.
3,500 ft2 manufacturing, research, and development facility on BCIT campus
Propagation, extraction, production, distribution and sale
Ongoing propagation and cultivation research program to identify best strains and genetics
Multiple ongoing supply discussions for products and IP

Drug Development Platform

While advancing our leading drug candidates, we will continue to build out our discovery pipeline, leaning on our natural extraction expertise to access the vast potential of psychoactive plant and fungi species.

With hundreds of species to be explored, and the possibility of proving the entourage effect, we believe there is potential for many new natural psychedelic medicines to become available in the near term.

Filament Health’s drug development platform has led to the discovery and patent filings on important methods of extraction and purification. Unlike synthetic drugs which can have thousands of variations, there are few effective ways to extract and purify the compounds in plants. We believe this is important intellectual property that must be handled with great care.

Overview of Filament’s patent family

Natural Psychedelic Processing Steps



Grow botanical psychedelics



Remove target compounds from biomass



Remove undesirable elements



Exact concentrations



Different methods and forms

Patent Family at a Glance

Patent Family Deeper Dive

Our Clinical Trials

One drug platform – many trials.

Filament’s platform allows for possibly hundreds of drugs to be discovered and run through clinical trials by Filament or in partnership with other companies.

Two of Filament’s unique patent-protected drug candidates will enter two separate FDA investigator-initiated human clinical trials in 2021.

Drug Candidates Description Status
Phase 1 Trial
First-ever direct administration of psilocin with IP-protected PEX020 (Oral) and PEX030 (Sublingual); measuring therapeutic effects directly against PEX 010 (Oral Psilocybin 25mg)
FDA Authorization Received Q4 2021
Phase 2 Trial
Safety and efficacy PEX010 in Major Depressive Disorder while employing a novel control condition to set a new research standard and overcome a major clinical deficiency.1
Anticipated FDA Authorization Q4 2021
1. Patents held in Filament’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Psilo Scientific.