Psychedelic Medicines

Naturally Derived.

Filament Health supports the treatment of mental health conditions through the discovery and delivery of exclusively natural psychedelic medicines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get safe, natural psychedelics into the hands of everyone who needs them, as soon as possible, by using hard extraction and drug discovery science to unlock their healing potential.

Filament Health has a deep natural psychedelics IP portfolio rooted in novel extraction and purification methods, an accomplished botanical extraction management team, as well as a Health Canada Dealer’s License for all natural psychedelics and in-house GMP manufacturing capabilities through our wholly owned subsidiary, Psilo Scientific Ltd. We have the foundation to support a rapidly growing drug discovery pipeline.

Why Now?

Due to the classification of psychedelic plants as controlled substances in the 1970s, the important medicines that they contain remain almost entirely unexplored by modern science. There are hundreds of plants containing undiscovered psychedelic drugs. We believe extracting, purifying, and standardizing natural compounds is the best way to bring this vast untapped potential to the world.

Why Natural?

Perfected by nature over millions of years, natural psychedelics can be expertly extracted, purified, and made immediately available as powerful medicines, without harmful synthetic chemicals or residues. Natural drug development allows us to discover thousands of possible compounds within plants that could have psychedelic properties. It also offers the exciting potential to prove the “entourage effect” whereby unknown compounds within plants may combine with psychedelic compounds to provide further benefit.

At Filament Health, we believe that extractions from naturally occurring psychedelic plants are the path to reaching the most people in need. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Psilo Scientific, our work will include protecting and increasing the global reserves of psychedelic plants by growing them in controlled environments and producing them regeneratively where they occur in nature.