Filament Foundation

The founders of Filament pledged 10% of their founder shares into a charitable foundation controlled by a majority non-filament insiders.

The foundation funds and supports non-corporate actors who play an important role in developing a natural psychedelics ecosystem.

Filament Foundation Board of Directors

Karen Mahon
Former Managing Director: Greenpeace Canada and Public Outreach USA
Leonard Schein
Director or Former Director: Canadian Cancer Society National Board of Canada, British Columbia Psychological Association, David Suzuki Foundation, Coast Mental Health Foundation.
Joel Solomon
Founder, Renewal Funds
Ben Lightburn
CEO, Director & Co-Founder
Proven entrepreneur and leader specializing in the research, development and commercialization of novel extraction technologies
Tom Kineshanko
Founding Advisor
15 years founding impact startups and funds in regulated frontier markets. 50+ seed or ICO round startup investments that have gone on to have >$250B cumulative value.