Filament Foundation

The founders of Filament pledged 10% of their founder shares into a charitable foundation controlled by a majority non-filament insiders.

The foundation funds and supports non-corporate actors who play an important role in developing a natural psychedelics ecosystem.

Filament Foundation Board of Directors

Karen Mahon
Former Managing Director: Greenpeace Canada and Public Outreach USA
Leonard Schein
Director or Former Director: Canadian Cancer Society National Board of Canada, British Columbia Psychological Association, David Suzuki Foundation, Coast Mental Health Foundation.
Joel Solomon
Founder, Renewal Funds
Ben Lightburn
CEO, Director & Co-Founder
Proven entrepreneur and leader specializing in the research, development and commercialization of novel extraction technologies
Tom Kineshanko
President, Director & Co-Founder
Founder, executive and allocator of capital in regulated frontier markets Founder of first licensed Bitcoin asset manager in Canada and Swiss hedge fund, Protos Asset Mgmt 50+ seed round investments in companies that have gone on to have > $50 B cumulative value